We specialise in component manufacture and the assembly of parts and sub-assemblies

Youth Engineering Scunthorpe operate in a commercial environment making and selling steel components, mainly to manufacturers replacing or reducing supply from China. In comparison to Chinese exporters, we provide better quality, reliability, speed of turnaround and lower order quantities.

As a not-for-profit business we provide training, experience and support for young people to enable them to enter the labour market whilst helping them to study for an NVQ in Performing Manufacturing Operations. An experienced factory manager, engineering and production operatives ensure consistent high quality products and close supervision for trainees.

Our Facilities

The facilities here at Youth Engineering Scunthorpe include a state of the art laser cutting machine as well as press brakes, punches, and welding booths. Our trainees receive tailor-made training and in their own time are supported back into the labour market.

This provides local employers with a ready source of fully trained operatives with engineering skills and proven track record. Youth Engineering Scunthorpe have provided the area with a viable alternative to importing components from China, offering greater flexibility and better lead times with the added benefit of giving back to the local community.

Youth Engineering Scunthorpe Premises

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