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Bradbury Group

Youth Engineering Scunthorpe has grown to be an important supplier for the Bradbury Group. Our support for Youth Engineering Scunthorpe was initially motivated by the opportunity to benefit the local community and help disadvantaged young people to get on to the employment ladder. We shifted our supplier base from imported components from China to YES in Scunthorpe.

In the early days the transition was not entirely smooth but Bradbury Engineers worked closely with the team at Youth Engineering Scunthorpe and the end results were well worth it. We now have a Scunthorpe based supplier that offers flexible production across a variety of punched, folded and laser cut steel components for our doors. YES has also taken on production of shutter products that fall outside our core business and are also a valuable resource for Bradbury’s R&D Department.

I have found Youth Engineering Scunthorpe able to respond quickly to manufacture parts for new products. We have a very ambitious research and development programme and yet our factories are geared to largescale production. We do not want to take resource away from servicing customer orders.  YES provides the opportunity to outsource the production of new parts.

Paul Sweeting – Technical Director, Bradbury Group


The benefits of working closely with Youth Engineering Scunthorpe have exceeded expectations. YES employees have progressed through their training programme and a number have entered full time employment with the Bradbury Group. We now have a cohort of experienced operatives from which to recruit.

Alex Gipps – Marketing Manger, Bradbury Group

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